1 Year Post Divorce Update

In the past year I quit smoking, logged over 150 miles of exercise, completed half my masters degree, took my first solo road trip, got two promotions, created a new job position for myself, and paid off all my credit cards. I dont think I would have accomplished any of this If i had stayed married


If Only…

My inability to be grateful for what I do have. My comparison of my life against everyone else around me. I realized today that despite living alone, I still have to do laundry, dishes, shopping, budget, and many other menial tasks that I despise. This did not change when I became single.

11 days

11 days ago was the last time I laid next to a man and felt that nothing in this world could hurt me because He was there holding me. The minute He moved the pain, sadness, and fear all welled up again. See that is how it is with me. Unless I have a man holding me, I feel terrified, lonely, ugly, worthless, useless, and disgusting.

Self Esteem

I want to wake up and feel like I am enough. That I matter, even if no one else says so or thinks so. I want to feel important and know that the qualities that I have are great and my weaknesses are there for a reason and help make me who I am, and that one day someone will love all of me.