Self Esteem

I want to wake up and feel like I am enough. That I matter, even if no one else says so or thinks so. I want to feel important and know that the qualities that I have are great and my weaknesses are there for a reason and help make me who I am, and that one day someone will love all of me.


3 months later

Amazingly, I have been living on my own successfully for over a year!!!! I was thinking about that fact the other day, and cannot believe it. All those years spent in doubt that I could leave my husband and make it on my own, financially, and emotionally, and here I am, living proof it can be done.

New Distraction

Fast forward two and half months, and he and I have continued to spend nearly every day together. In the beginning we were both clear that the hook up would be a one time deal, and would involve no feelings whatsoever. We both agreed that neither was interested in finding love or getting into a serious relationship. The hard part is that he and I click.

D-Day: The hearing

Finally we were called up (the last couple) and sat in front of the judge. He smiled at us, and said “I have been watching you two all afternoon, smiling and having a great time, are you SURE you want to go through with this?” My ex and I looked at each other and laughed and nodded at the judge